Ogee’s latest launch, Jojoba Hydration Day Cream. 

As fashion retailers add beauty to build out shopping baskets, up-and-coming beauty brands are seizing the opportunity to expand with the right partner. That is the case for Ogee, a certified-organic, luxury skin-care line that found a fit this year in Free People’s new online beauty and wellness concept. Ogee is also sold in select physical Free People doors nationwide.
Ogee debuted in 2016 with the launch goal of first building a digital footprint for its core collection of Certified-Organic (it carries the NSF seal) luxury skin-care products that all feature cold-pressed jojoba oil as the hero ingredient. Now a year later, using feedback gleaned from online sales, Ogee took the retail plunge into 11 premium bricks-and-mortar doors with a heavy focus on reaching luxury boutiques in metropolitan areas like New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. With the addition of Free People, Ogee is up to 70 points of distribution in the U.S., according to Abbott Stark, Ogee’s cofounder and chief marketing officer.
“From the start, we looked for and identified carefully curated, high-end beauty boutiques and spas,” added Stark. “We’ve also implemented strategic partnerships with high-end apparel, where and when it makes sense, such

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